ThermoFlo Version 4.7 Released

ThermoFlo; our thermal and fluid flow analysis software package with capabilities for solving thermal and flow problems for many different industries and applications has gone through many improvements recently. ThermoFlo uses a 1D system modeling approach which allows the user to use a component based approach rather than creating a full 3D model. These components can be based on empirical, testing, or other data. This approach allows for rapid prototyping and testing for interchanging different components in a system or for tweaking properties of the model and it’s components.

Please contact us if you would like to try out the new version which includes:

  • More Library Parts added
  • Ribbon Improvements
  • Sensors / Sensor Functions Improved
  • Automatic Report Generation Improvements
  • Better graphical display
  • Load Cases Improved
  • Display Loops separately
  • Ability to create textboxes on the canvas (can be sensors)
  • Miscellaneous Fixes / Improvements