ITherm Conference Paper

Hamish Lewis, one of TES’s Engineering Managers, is presenting a paper entitled ”VARIABLE FIDELITY METHODOLOGY FOR THERMAL BATTERY MODELLING” at the ITherm international conference in San Diego this week. This paper discusses the use of our new Software ADFlo for the thermal analysis of Battery systems in automotive applications. Satish Ketkar, a Wayne State Professor and consultant at LG Chem. a battery system manufacturer, is a co-author on the paper.

ADFlo Software Enhancement Award from the US Army

TES is very pleased to announce that it has just been awarded an 18 month contract by the US Army to enhance our ADFlo Thermal Analysis software and customize it for the Re-Engineering and Development of Vehicle Cooling Systems.

The SBIR Phase II created a software package for thermal management/analysis. This was validated on a military ground vehicle and demonstrated the benefits and potential of thermal analysis with the new software. However, the enhancement allows us to take this package to the next level. At the conclusion of the enhancement, the package will allow for:-
1) A dramatic reduction in modeling time; from weeks to hours, allowing “rapid virtual prototyping” and a greater number of “what-if” scenarios to be performed in a given time.
2) A significant simplification of the analysis process and the required expertise; thus increasing the number of potential analysts. The software will be much easier to use so that engineers can learn the software through the improved training and analyze thermal systems.
3) A considerable reduction in the amount of high cost testing required for confidence in new designs.
4) It will include models of four different vehicles and their respective components, which will allow quick “what-ifs” to be done in the future.

ADFlo – Free Version

Our thermal management and fluid flow analysis software package, ADFlo, now has a free version available that allows the user to perform thermal analyses for many different industries and applications. The free version’s only limitations are that you can only run up to 50 parts and that you must be connected to the internet. Download ADFlo now!

ADFlo Screenshot